SAT Private Tutoring in Mexico City

Manhattan Review is Mexico City's top SAT prep company, and we offer several learning programs that produce top scores. Our SAT offerings in Mexico City include customized private SAT tutoring, SAT prep classes held on-site at convenient locations around Mexico City, online SAT prep courses that make use of the latest educational technology, and SAT practice tests that precisely duplicate the challenges of the real exam. Manhattan Review leads the industry in forward-looking approaches to SAT teaching and learning, and we have compiled thousands of successful student outcomes in the years since our founding in 1999. Though we are a company based in the United States, we are more focused on test prep for international students than any of our competitors. We therefore have a strong understanding of both American higher education and the unique educational needs of international test-takers. This is one of many reasons why our SAT services produce better results than available self-study methods, non-interactive online lessons, or poorly qualified tutors.

The effectiveness of professional SAT instruction has been repeatedly demonstrated by independent research. One study of SAT math coaching found average gains of more than 70 points, in comparison to a mean increase of just 13 points for students in a control group that received no instruction. Two other studies found average total score gains of 56 and 60 points. Admission statistics show just how much of a difference these increases can make. At UCLA, SAT math scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students are between 600 and 750, meaning that the average is probably about 675. An improvement of 70 points can take a student from the average range to the top 30%. UCLA also reports its acceptance rate for students with SAT math scores of 700 or above at about 61%, compared to 26% for students who score between 600 and 700. SAT instruction can substantially improve SAT performance and dramatically increase a student's chances of acceptance to undergraduate degree programs.

At Manhattan Review, we have a high success rate in placing students at the most selective universities in the United States, including Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Virginia, and the University of Pennsylvania. After completing their undergraduate programs, our former SAT students have been hired by Fortune 500 companies and Mexico City's most important businesses, such as State Farm Insurance, Express Scripts Holdings, Berkshire Hathaway, Bank of America, Grupo Posadas, Compartamos Banco, Siemens Mexico, and Controladora Comercial Mexicana. Graduates of highly respected universities generally earn high salaries immediately after graduation. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that MIT and CalTech alumni made starting salaries of more than $70,000 per year, and Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton were not far behind at about $65,000. The right education will lead to a stable and prosperous future, on which you can get started today with Manhattan Review's SAT prep services in Mexico City.

SAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

SAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

SAT Prep Course Mexico City - Photo of Student Sade Catlyn

He was able to break down difficult material. I was able to destruct and master the basic things I would need to get a good score on the SAT.
- Sade Catlyn (This student took our SAT preparation course)

Mexico City

Primary Course Venue:

Sheraton Suites Santa Fe
Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena 200
Mexico City 01210, Mexico

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Mexico City SAT Tutor: Harry A.

Harry A. has been a Manhattan Review SAT tutor in New York, Boston, and Mexico City since 2008. He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Fordham University and a master's degree in anthropology from Northeastern University. He was a teaching assistant in graduate school, and he has also worked in the past as a GRE tutor. He has been in Mexico City since 2016, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Harry teaches SAT prep in online, classroom, and individual settings, and according to his students, he is an effective SAT educator in each of these situations. "I've found that variety and flexibility are the keys to maintaining and improving my skills as a teacher," he says. "Too much of one thing leads to complacency." His hobbies include rock guitar, video games, and staying informed on current events.

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